Know what is happening at a place, right now.

Get wait time, capacity, lineups, service time,
and checkout speed from any where in real-time.

andie tell you wait time capacity information for thousands of places

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Choose when and where you go.

Andie gives real-time "place" information so that
you can choose when and where to go.

Andie wait time app tells you wait times at over 100,000 places

Wait times

Andie lets you know what the wait time is right now at a place.

Andie provides wait times and lineup inforamtion so that you can avoid crowds

Capacity & lineups

Andie gives you capacity and lineup information so that you can avoid crowds.

Andie wait time app tells you checkout time and service speed

Checkout & service speed

Andie lets you know how long it will take once you're inside.

Caring for each other

The safety of the Andie community is always our priority.

Wait in less lines

Andie is providing wait times in real-time to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Avoid crowds

Andie remains committed to helping you avoid crowds.

Go where its safe

Andie is tracking safety measures that have been taken at the places you want to visit.

Take control of your time

Join thousands of Canadians and Americans trust Andie
for real-time information about wait times.

Try Andie online and get wait times without signing up.

Get wait times from Andie directly on your phone.

Do more with Andie.

The Andie mobile app allows you to do more than just get wait times with Drop-in, Curbside, & VIP.

Alongside Andie's wait time services, Andie let's you enter places with on tap of a button.

Drop-in anywhere

Forget writing down your contact info, enter establishments with one tap.

Alongside Andie's wait time services, schedule curbside pickups and deliveries.

Curbside pickups and deliveries

Schedule curbside pickup and delivery from any store on your phone.

Alongside Andie's wait time services, you can book VIP access to stores.

Skip lines inside and outside

Book you want to go into any store, and never wait in line.

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