Introducing GuestPass.

Simple, touchless, secure contact tracing.
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Pen and paper just isn't cutting it.
GuestPass makes it easy to check in anywhere, and receive alerts.

The andie guestpass is the first touchless checkin system for businesses

touchless check in on your phone

receive instant email and text alerts about potential exposures

Andie instantly delete your record from the business after 30 days

How does it work?

Find the GuestPass poster.

Look for the GuestPass poster at the entrance of participating businesses.

Get your GuestPass

Following the instructions on the poster to get your Andie GuestPass for your visit.

Visitor guest list

Your contact info is instantly added to the business' guest list. It will be deleted after 30 days.

Instant alerts.

Know within ten seconds.

If a business you visited receives a positive test alert
you will be notified via email, text, and the Andie app immediately.

Download the app

Worried about touching the same pen and paper as strangers?

Use Andie to check in safely anywhere.

Concerned about giving out your contact information?

Your contact info is deleted after 30 days.

Worried about privacy of your data during contact tracing?

Andie lets you see who has your information.

Excited to get back to a version of the "old normal"?

Instant contact tracing is key to reopening our economy.

Andie is helping businesses reopen

Are you a business?

Use GuestPass to safely bring people into your business.

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