Real-time information that impact
the thing that matters most...your health.

Safety guildines

Andie tells you the guidelines and safety score of where you want to go.

Staff protocol

Andie informs you if a place's staff are doing the right things to keep you safe.

Safety enforcement

Andie details how a place is enforcing their safety and health rules.

Guest behaviour

Andie monitors what a place's guests are doing to observe health rules.


Andie tracks the conditions of facilities such as restrooms at a place.


Andie lets you know if equipments like utensils are up to code.

Stepping up during

We understand that the real-time health information that
Andie delivers is more valuable now than ever.

Together we can adjust to the new normal.

Increased monitoring

We are actively monitor how every location displayed on Andie is following health and safety guidelines.

User feedback system

We have implemented a new user safety feedback system so that you can easily report negative experiences anywhere.

Introducing Guestpass

Guestpass by Andie allows you to enter a place that requires
contact information without writing down you name on pen and paper.

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If you have any questions about the safety information that Andie provides, or getting started with the Andie app, visit our help desk or reach out to us.

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