Alongside wait times, Andie provides information about service speeds

Spending too
much time
in lineups & crowds?

Andie can fix that.

Wait in less lines

Andie makes sure you wait in less lines anywhere regardless of if you're picking up groceries, or visiting the doctor's office.

Avoid crowded places

Andie gives you capacity and crowd level information that makes choosing where you go and avoiding crowds easy.

Lineups are everywhere

It should be your choice to decide if you want to wait in a line or not.
Andie makes it that simple.


Search where you want to go on the Andie mobile app.


Get an idea of the current lineup and capacity.


Choose if you want to go to the place now or later.

Capacity and lineups
from over
200,000 places

Andie provides you with capacity information from over
200,000 places including your favourite stores.

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We're here to help

If you have any questions about capacity or lineup information, or getting started with the Andie app, visit our help desk or reach out to us.

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