Service information
at your fingertips.

No one like guessing how long it will take to shop, checkout, or get served anywhere they go.

Andie takes out the guessing.

Alongside wait times, Andie provides information about service speeds

Andie provides checkout time

Andie gives you an idea of how long it will take to go through the checkout line at a store.

Andie provides service speed

Andie tracks how many customers are there now, and let's you know how fast the service is at the moment.

Knowing how long it will take you
to get served or checkout, is complex

Andie make it easier by giving you service information from anywhere, instantly.

Get critical service information directly on the Andie app.

See how fast the service is at the moment.
Know when you might be attended to.
Spend less time in checkout and service lines.

Caring for each other

The safety of the Andie community is always our priority.

Trust Andie for
service information anywhere

Stop guessing how long it will take to get service, or how long the checkout is anywhere. Get wait times, service speed, and checkout time on your mobile device.

Get your Andie waittime questions answered right now

We're here to help

If you have any questions about service speed, or getting started with the Andie app, visit our help desk or reach out to us.

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